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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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news this morning in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a wonderful weekend. >> bad live and in hd, -- live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the second time this month a man is killed after being shot in front of a subway train in new york city. searching for the person who did it caught running from the scene. president obama meets with congressional leaders to avoid the fiscal cliff. a nation members the man who led allied forces in the 1991 gulf war -- a look back at the light of retired general norman schwarzkopf. >> it is friday, december 28. i am scott thuman.
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jacqui jeras -- we have a good day ahead of usaheadright? >> -- and head of us>right? >> we will come back in just a second. what are the roadway's like their? >> at cedar lane, it is a water main break -- traffic is heading toward southbound. squeezing by to the right. water main work continues. southbound at cedar lane. you can see everybody moving over to the right. northbound most of it is open. hopefully it will be cleaned up but right now it looks like it is still active there. take you to the beltway -- silver spring, that looks pretty good.
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no problems around the beltway right now. everything is starting off very smith. over toward river road -- we are also ok on the beltway. no problems to report early this morning. virginia -- springfield looking good with light traffic heading north down. hov is in today. back to you. >> a developing story from new york city -- police are investigating the second subway debt this month. police say a woman pushed a man in front of the train as it entered a station in queens. surveillance video shows her running away from the scene. earlier this month -- a man died after being pushed in front of a train at times square. four days until we reach the fiscal cliff -- president obama is launching a last-ditch effort to avoid tax increases and spending caps set to take effect
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january. the president is set -- set to meet with house and senate majority leader's for the first time since november. this comes after the partisan bickering with democrats and republicans blaming each other for failing to reach a deal. this morning the nation is remembering retired general norman schwarzkopf, who died thursday of complications from pneumonia. he is known for leading allied forces in the 1991 gulf war walk caption during -- capturing the public imagination. >> norman schwarzkopf a little- known u.s. army general looking to retirement. then saddam hussein invaded kuwait and norman became a household name. he turned into the face of the u.s.-led counterattack called youoperation desert storm. >> let me put it this -- it will take as long as it takes for a iraqis to get out of kuwait and the united nations resolution to
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be enforced. >> the campaign culminated in a massive ground offensive, routing the iraqis in 100 hours. >> the navy has been told to get out of the war completely. >> was norman schwarzkopf a west point graduate who spent his whole career in the army. he was a war hero in vietnam, where he earned three silver stars, three bronze stars, and two parts. president george h. w. bush presented him with the medal of freedom for service to his country. president bush called norman schwarzkopf "a true american patriot." in retirement, he declined calls to run for office, devoting himself to public speaking and charity work. he leaves his wife and three children. norman schwarzkopf was 78. >> this morning former president george h. w. bush remains in intensive care. his spokeswoman says he is
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getting excellent medical treatment. she says she would advise people to "put the harps back in the closet." bush was admitted november 23 and has been in intensive care since sunday. he is battling what is said to be a terrible case of bronchitis and a series of complications. hillary clinton is expected to return next week. she has been recovering from a concussion she suffered after fainting bullfighting a stomach virus. clinton has promised to testify next month before congress on the deadly attack with an benghazi. business headlines -- souped up theaters are bringing people back to the movies, and the looming strike could leave patio furniture offshore. linda bell joins us live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. explained. >> i will tell you -- some people still have their christmas tree and holiday lights up, but we have hundreds
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of retailers gearing up for spring. for home depot, that is the most lucrative time of the year as people stocked up for gardening project. there is a possible strike at more than 12 ports along the eastern gulf coast. 50,000 workers could walk off the job with a deal is not reached before sunday. this could mean shipments would be cut off. they have a lot at stake -- many clothing chains get shipments from factories overseas. the movie industry is wrapping up -- one researcher says sales at u.s. and canadian theatres grew 6% this year, to almost $11 billion. studios have been focusing on films with more global appeal like "the hobbit" and investing in better projection and seating. people under water on their mortgages would be more willing to take a pay cat -- cut. directv customers will pay more
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for service next year -- i will explain. linda bell, reporting for abc 7 news. >> we will check back in soon. still to come -- the redskins players are not the only ones preparing for the big game .
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>> i am from fairfax virginia
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-- i wanted to say good morning washington and good luck redskins. >> a popular sentiment these days. we are a couple of days away and the biggest game of the season. on the line during sunday night's matchup -- the nfc east title. >> this town -- sunday night's game, it has been a long time since washington has been able to play a game this big. the skins have not won the nfc east 1999. this is when or go home time. the redskins would still have a chance if they lose, but a slim chance. the redskins are favored by 3.5 points at fedex field. they went through a good practice -- rg3 and the rental alexander pro bowl. -- lorenzo alexander pro bowl. the redskins have at the nfc's
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top running game. >> we have been able to put a lot of yards and points all year. it is not something you have to boast about, but usually when people think of the teams that are great offensive lee, our name is not in there. but i think people are starting to realize we have something. not just our running game. the combination of both. >> the redskins are favored by 3.5. we had the military bowl at rfk stadium. let me take you back downtown -- san jose state and bowling green. san jose scored early. the 33-yard touchdown. they were up 7-0. late in the third -- jones for san jose state stops on a dime. finds the end zone. 19-13, san jose. spartans win the game 29-20. there is a look at sports. >> consider yourself lucky if
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you have tickets to sunday's's game. if you do not, the next best thing may be the local businesses offering plenty of room, food and drink for you to catch the action. >> at this bar in columbia heights, even the shots are burgundy. the redskins shooter is the latest addition to the cocktail list for the appetite of fans salivating for a win. >> a big rivalry. they work so hard on the comeback. >> the sat -- sunday night matchup is conjuring up big business for local bars. he says he expects double his usual sunday night hall and stocking the bar and staff. >> redskin games are going to be front to back sold out. >> that sentiment has swept the nation. and espn poll shows 73% of football fans are reading for a redskins win. broken down by state the lone star state is the lone state
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court in a cowboys victory. >> i cannot believe it -- i see other people talking about it, how excited they are. this is a huge. >> usually for a game like this people will be planning a tailgate, but because of potential bad weather and the late start time people are figuring out ways to take the party inside. >> this will be almost as big as the super bowl. >> this manager says he has been swamped with calls for party planners. >> people want to reserve reservations for the game. are you showing the game? of course we are showing the game. it is the redskins'. >> good news for tailgaters -- you are going to be able to party longer before sunday postgame. parking lots will open at 3:30 and gates will open at 5:30. metro will stay open an extra hour to of you get home. the transit agency says the last blue line train will leave the morgan boulevard station at
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12:25 pm at the last train to largo town center will be at 1:00 threat -- 1:33 a.m.. more on the plans at time for us to check on the football forecast. more importantly would the house today, but essentially the sunday forecast. >> sunday will be fine. a little breezy at night, but overall really decent for a football game. if the game was tomorrow, that would be a different story. the national weather service just issued in the last three minutes here a winter weather advisory for the potomac islands into maryland and across parts of west virginia where two to 4 inches could be expected. there will be some heavier amounts. you can see the metro not included at this time in that is advisory, but you could see some accumulating snow inside of d.c. and west of i-95.
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maybe one to 2 inches of snow. that will move and overnight to night. today is just hunky dory. partly cloudy -- 38 degrees at noon. sunday should be a great day for the game. >> time for traffic -- we will head back to 355 at cedar lane. one lane open and the work continues. estimating a couple hours before anything reopens. southbound on 355, traffic is getting by on the right. very light volume of traffic -- just slowing down through the works done. not too bad. we will keep an eye out for this because it could be here for a good portion of what hopefully will be a light rush hour. let's take a look at the beltway and the american legion bridge -- moving smoothly now. nothing reported in terms of accidents there. over to springfield, traffic moving very smoothly, up 95 and
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395. traffic moving slightly to springfield and a 14th street bridge. >> thank you. we want to check in on some international news happening right now -- pakistani authorities are asking for help to find police officers who have been kidnapped by the taliban. jummy olabanji is at the desk -- she has that story. >> pakistani officials are seeking help from elders in the northwest tribal region. they say 23 policemen went missing yesterday when militants armed with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons attacked two posts in the early morning where the police officers were. two officers were killed in the attacks and police say it appears to be the work of the taliban. they're asking for help right now in the tribal region. another headline from overseas -- into the newsroom. a u.s. marine has been arrested for trespassing charges in
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japan. this is happening on the island of okinawa, where the u.s. navy and marine corps is based. they say the 27-year-old corporal was assigned to a camp -- he entered the veranda of an apartment in the city. as we know back in october a u.s. service member was charged for raping a japanese woman in that same area, so since that time there has been a curfew for all u.s. service members in okinawa. clearly if this is true this u.s. marine has broken those stipulations. we will follow this story as well. any new details, we will pass them along. >> thank you. coming up, we are hearing from the victim of a carjacking in
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>> two man accused of brutally beating a man in southeast d.c. are to be arraigned. the grand judy -- grand jury at arraign them -- they are charged with attacking tc maslin august who now faces severe brain injuries. loudoun county police are investigating a deadly shooting
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in sterling. a man was found dead at 7:00 thursday night. the victim has not been identified. it appears the shooting was not a random act. if you have any information you are asked to call loudoun county police. four very young suspects are under arrest in connection with a carjacking in manassas. wednesday night, a 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy stole a bb gun from a business in a manassas mall. they then carjacked a man and his wife who had just parked their chevy tahoe. >> you and your wife? >> yes. i look at it -- i say, ok. >> police say the boy's sped back to the mall and pick up friends, including a girl who drove the car to a mcdonald's. police found them in the drive- through line. the driver jumped out, causing the car to plow into a pillar. no one was hurt.
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police are looking for one more suspect -- a 17-year-old with a tear drop tattoo under his left eye. you ever heard of state songs -- state sandwich? what
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>> we want to check in on some breaking news we have been
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following. now we have developments regarding the law in russia banning americans from adopting russian children. jummy olabanji has been following this. >> in the past couple of minutes we have learned that russian president vladimir putin has signed the bill banning the american adoption of russian children. this just crossed the associated press wire. four minutes ago. we know that this law will go into effect on new year's day and would include a ban on adoptions that are already in progress. this move is seen largely as a retaliation against the u.s. rights sanctions signed into law by president barack obama earlier this year. once again, russian president vladimir putin signed the law and it will go into effect next week. a couple of days. a story we have been falling for several weeks now. any new developments including any statements, we will be sure to pass those along. back to you. >> here in the jacqui jeras
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weather center. -- in the weather center with jacqui jeras. a nice break -- today not so bad? >> less than 24 hours to get your traveling done, so do it now. a little bit chilly -- 37 at reagan national. 34 in frederick. you can talk about five degrees -- you can take five degrees off the thermometer, that is the temperature your body will be filling with a breeze out there. a winter weather advisory is being issued ahead of the storm. it could spill into a few more counties. looking at atomic and west virginia, where four inches of snow could be expected. a good handle on the timing and precipitation with this storm -- we are looking at a mix of sunshine and cloud. temperatures rising into the lower 40's.
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snow arrived overnight and into tomorrow morning. south and east of the metro rain, but it will be all snow, including a good inch of snow in the district. more details coming up in a few minutes. time to check on traffic. >> we will take a look and 395 right now -- the 14th street bridge. very quiet. this is what looks like around the area. no problems. dry roads this morning. very light volume of traffic. we will have over 2270 -- very light traffic is heading southbound toward us this morning at this interchange. coming out of frederick county into montgomery county. back to the water main work which is on 355 southbound at cedar lane with in bethesda. traffic is squeezing by to the right. brief delays in the work is
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done. this could be what that -- with us for a couple of hours. >> when maryland lawmakers meet next month they will tackle a series of issues, including whether the soft shell crabs and which should be the official said which -- state sandwich. richard colbern says the promotion of the maryland delicacy would help the restaurant business and crowds in the eastern shore community. stella had the year -- still ahead, the year 2012 coming to a close.
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